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Thank you for your interest in collaborating on the Out of Hand website project to promote and sell hand made photographs.  Community is an important part of my life as a artist and this project is my attempt to bring together a small group of photographers who believe in the beauty and value of the handmade object in art. I would like for us to be able to use our collective voices to bring awareness to the work we make in a way that is not possible when working alone.

I will outline 2 ways for photographers to participate in the project with an open mind to making adjustments as the site and our group grows and evolves.  I trust that you will let me know any suggestions you have to make this work best for everyone.


  • Base collaboration:   Out of hand will display 10 of your hand made photographs for sale on the web gallery. I will manage your product pages with images, descriptions, and sales price you provide.  If your print is sold you will package and ship the print from your location using the funds collected during the sale. You will be charged a $50.00 flat commission and the remaining funds will be distributed 3 days after the sale. To have your work listed please contact and I will send details on how to submit your work.
  • Membership collaboration: There will be 5 memberships available for photographers to subscribe. The membership will provide you with staff access to the Out of Hand website and you will be able to manage your own inventory of photographs. No commissions will be taken you receive 100% of your sales price. There will not be any limit on the number of products you choose to list and you will be able to use the shipping features of the platform to create shipping labels to be printed at your studio. The subscription will be $ 45.00 per month billed through PayPal. There is no time commitment needed, you can unsubscribe at any time.